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Sage College Advice offers individualized, comprehensive counseling services dedicated to finding the best-fit college for each student. The program is designed to help students recognize their strengths, interests, and potential career paths in relation to their college choices; guide them through the college search and application process; and provide personal and professional knowledge about colleges and college admissions, including financial aid and scholarships. 



The Comprehensive Package includes the following services:

  • Identifying student needs, goals, and priorities for college. Providing a timeline of the college search and application process.

  • Advising on high school coursework as related to college success. Identifying possible career paths for the student and resources for further learning. 

  • Completing time management and life skills curriculum developed specifically for individual clients.

  • Preparing a tailored exploratory college list for individual students. 

  • Teaching students how to research colleges.

  • Developing an activity/awards resume

  • Creating a plan and timeline for standardized testing 

  • Facilitating the application process. 

  • Providing information and feedback on the student’s college essays

  • Helping prepare for campus visits and interviews

  • Identifying specific tasks for artists, musicians, actors, and athletes

  • Explaining college financial aid and the application process. 

  • Identifying scholarship opportunities, particularly through the college match. 



Freshman or Sophomore year provides the ideal time to begin the college process, allowing Amanda to get to know individual students, advise on program choices, grades, and activities. These early high school years also allow for reflection on college as a stepping stone to other life opportunities and individual growth.

We also have many students who join us during junior and senior years, after realizing that college is just around the corner!  With these students, we dive right into college research and the application process, identifying tasks that need to be completed to ensure they are college-ready and able to meet approaching deadlines.



A 90 minute introductory appointment with students and their parents includes:

  • An individualized personality assessment

  • A review of school transcript and projected coursework

  • A recommended testing plan for SAT, SAT Subject exams, and ACT

  • Recommendation of activities, community service, internships, work experience

  • Introduction of NCAA and NAIA information

  • A review of portfolio requirements and art submission protocols 



The Comprehensive Package walks students through a designed curriculum to best prepare them for their development as a high schooler, college student and young adult.

Students typically meet:​​

  • Sophomore year ~ 1 to 3 sessions, tailored to individual student needs

  • Junior year ~ 3 to 5 sessions, tailored to individual student needs

  • Rising Senior APPlication Camp ~ A 5 day, 4 hours/day intensive small group work session in August to organize students and complete much of the application process before Senior year begins.

  • Senior year ~ 5 to 10 sessions, tailored to individual student needs



Sage College Advice, LLC, subscribes to the ethical standards of the college counseling profession that are set by the National Association for College Admission Counseling and the Higher Education Consultants Association.

About Anne

Mentored by Theresa Wadden and her well established college counseling practice in Central Oregon, Anne founded Sage College Advice in 2016. She is thrilled to pass the torch to Amanda Conde who will be working with all new clients as of January 2023.


Anne Sjogren is a lifelong educator with over 30 years experience working with middle school through masters-level students. She graduated from Westmont College in 1990 and completed double teaching credentials in Elementary Education and Secondary English in 1991. From 1992-1999 she taught middle and high school English in Minnesota, while also earning her Masters in Liberal Studies from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


After moving to Oregon in 2001, Anne continued her educational involvement as a classroom volunteer, substitute teacher, and adjunct professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at George Fox University. Since 2012, Anne has applied her knowledge and skills in helping high school students craft their post-high school plans. As a volunteer at Summit High School’s Future Center, she has mentored students, taught courses and trained community volunteers. 


Anne remains dedicated to her current students and families throughout the transition of Sage College Advice to Amanda. Looking forward, she anticipates new adventures with her family when she “graduates” with the Class of 2025. 

About Amanda


Amanda Conde has enjoyed a diverse and passionate professional life and joins Sage College Advice excited to work with students to identify their academic goals and best fit schools. As a parent of two teenagers, she understands that the college application process can be overwhelming, and is a firm believer in the benefit of early college planning. She is eager to share her knowledge with parents and students, as early as 8th and 9th grades, who are beginning to consider life after high school.

A graduate of Purdue University, Amanda worked as a project manager for over 15 years in the tech world, and enjoys applying her skills to assist students by moving methodically through the application process. She has completed courses through the UCLA College Advising Certificate program, and is currently working as an Admissions Reader for Connecticut College. This has given her tremendous insight into the many factors that influence admissions decisions, including academic rigor, essay considerations, and extracurricular activities.


A long-time Bendite with a history of volunteer work with youth, she cares deeply about her community and appreciates teenagers for their unique views, enthusiasm and energy! Amanda understands that every student has different goals and priorities for college, and looks forward to helping students discover their own individual paths.



American University

Arizona State University

Auburn University

Barnard College

Bates College

Baylor University

Belmont University

Boise State University

Boston College

Brandeis University

Brigham Young University

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal State Chico

Cal State Fresno

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Long Beach

Cal State Maritime Academy

Cal State Monterey Bay

Cal State San Bernardino

Cal State San Marcos

California Baptist University

California Lutheran University

Carnegie Mellon University

Carroll College

Central Oregon Community College

Chapman University

Clemson University

Colorado College

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado State University

Columbia University

Concordia University - Wisconsin

Cornish College of the Arts

Dartmouth College

Davidson College

DePaul University

Digipen University

Drexel University

Duke University

Eastern Oregon University

Eckerd College

Emerson College

Emory University

Fordham University

George Fox University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Gonzaga University

Grand Canyon University

Grinnell College

Hawaii Pacific University

Humboldt State University

Indiana University ~ Bloomington

Lewis & Clark College

Linfield University

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola University Chicago

Macalester College

Marist College

McGill University

Michigan State University

Middlebury College

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Montana State University

Nevada State College

North Dakota State University

Northeastern University

Northern Arizona University

Northern Colorado University

Northwest Nazarene University

Oberlin College

Occidental College

Ohio University

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon State University

Pace University 

Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific University

Penn State University 

Pepperdine University

Point Loma Nazarene

Pomona College

Portland State University

Princeton University

Purdue University

Quest University 

Redlands College

Reed College

Regis University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Saint Louis University

Saint Mary's College of California

San Diego State University

Santa Clara University

Scripps College

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle University

Smith College

Sonoma State University

Southern Methodist University

Southern Oregon University

Southern Utah University

St. Edward's University

Stanford University

Suffolk University

SUNY College

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University 

Texas A&M University

Texas Christian University

Trinity University

Tufts University

Tulane University

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine

UC Los Angeles

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

United States Air Force Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

United States Naval Academy

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of British Columbia

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Denver

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Glasgow

University of Hawaii Manoa

University of Idaho

University of Iowa

University of Maryland

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Mankato

University of Mississippi 

University of Missouri-St. Louis

University of Montana

University of Nevada Reno

University of North Carolina

University of Notre Dame

University of Oregon

University of Pacific

University of Pennsylvania 

University of Portland

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of Southern California

University of St. Andres

University of Tampa

University of Texas ~ Austin

University of Utah

University of Vermont

University of Victoria

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wyoming

Vanderbilt University

Villanova University

Warren Wilson College

Washington State University

Western Oregon University

Western Washington University

Westmont College

Whitman College

Whitworth University

Willamette University

William & Mary University

Williams College

Yale University


"I just wanted to thank Amanda for everything she has done to make this process feel easy and smooth for me. I really am not sure where I would be without her help and guidance."

Class of 2024 Student

"Anne was able to greatly simplify the complicated college selection and admission process for us. What I thought was going to be an extremely stressful time for our daughter, turned out to be smooth because of Anne's guidance. Her regular reminders, timelines, checklists, questions and specific college information decreased our anxiety and made it easy for us. Thank you, Anne!"

Summit High Parent 

"I loved working with you. I would have been completely lost in the application process on my own. You helped guide me in my personal statements, essays and kept me honest on my deadlines. You were always so friendly and helpful when we were working together and I love seeing you around town because I know you'll always say hello! Thank you so much for all your help, all students need a college advisor like you!"

Summit High Student

"Anne was an absolute lifesaver when it came to writing my college essays. Her feedback and notes were invaluable."

Jefferson High Student / Portland

"Anne researched school sizes, majors and location to find the best fit for me and my academic needs."

Bend High Student

"We are grateful for Anne's expertise and process for helping our son on his college application journey. It is truly a journey and we didn't even realize how entitled the process had become over the years. Both of us have and do work in education and felt that Anne's services would be helpful to keep our son on track with timelines, etc. We soon came to realize that her knowledge and systematic approach was far more valuable than just keeping him on track with deadlines."

Summit High Parent 

"Anne was always there to review my writing supplements whenever I needed it."

Summit High Student

I think you really helped me with organization in terms of timeline for testing and applying, etc. I think you also helped me see where to look and learn about different opportunities with your knowledge of specific resources."

Mountain View High Student

"I got the most help through figuring out which schools were a good fit for me and what my options were. Also with essay writing and editing I felt like I got a lot of great and very beneficial help to make my essays the best they could be. Thank you Anne!!!"

Summit High Student



745 NW Mt. Washington Dr., Suite 202, Bend, OR 97703 \\ Tel: 541.588.2979 \\ Tel: 206-669-4828


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